My experiences demonstrate that innovation is not possible while one remains trapped within the hard shell of conventional wisdom, and further, the innovation is not a lofty  ideal,  but something that can be triggered by even the tiniest change.

– Isao Nakauchi, Drucker on Asia, 1997a
(Drucker dan Nakauchi 1997)

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.
       Albert Einstein

Memetik penulisan Breakthrough Thinking oleh Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid (2002) baru-baru ini:

We need breakthrough thinking to go beyond the limits of our present state of development. It is a kind of thinking that has helped mankind to reach new levels of quality of life.


A society cannot be truly knowledge society when the society is predominantly a recipient society, receiving and borrowing other people’s knowledge and inventions.

Menurut Ibrahim Bajunid lagi,

The fact that we have not managed to increase significantly the number of our products and services which could be patented is an indictment of the state of our relative poverty in the culture of our inventiveness, thus marking the present stage of our national development.

Bak kata Kanter (1983) dalam bukunya The Change Masters,

Indeed, it is a virtual truism that if technical innovation runs far ahead of complementary social and organizational innovation, its use in practice can be either dysfunctional or negligible.


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